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We write a lot of software to help make research better for the students at Grand Valley State University, and we share all our code to help other libraries and researchers.


GVSU Has? Bookmarklet

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GVSUHas Title?
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Install these bookmarklet in your bookmarks, and when you're on an Amazon record page, click one. It will search the catalog for the book you're viewing. (The ISBN version only works on print book pages, the title version works on any Amazon page.) It was based on John Udell's Library Lookup Generator.

GVSU eResources Proxy Bookmarklet

Access Through GVSU
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Install this bookmarklet if you do research off-campus without going through the library's website. Click this and you'll reload the page through the library's proxy server to give you access to the article.

GVSU Short Link Bookmarklet

GVSU Shorten
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Install this bookmarklet and GVSU Faculty & Staff can create a GVSU short link for any page you are viewing by clicking it. You'll need to log in to the GVSU Short Link system once per session.

Browser Search Tools

Install Library Search

Install Library Catalog Search

Search the Library or the Library Catalog right from your browser's search bar with these browser Search Engine plugins.

Custom Scoped Library Searches

Build a Scoped Search

The Library Search box searches nearly all of our holdings by default. To create a more targeted search, use this tool to select limiters and you'll get HTML to insert into any website.

EZProxy Test Bookmarklet

EZProxy Test
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Install this bookmarklet so you can test the new EZProxy Test server with our databases. From off-campus, click on a database from our database list. When you get to the GVSU CAS login screen, click this bookmarklet and it will refresh the login page to direct you through the new EZProxy server.


Library Status Page

Screenshot of Library Status Page

Library Status is an online tool for publicly displaying the current status of your library systems.

View Code on Github

360Link Reset

Screenshot of 360Link reset

360Link Reset is a tool to radically improve Serials Solutions 360Link 1.0 Link Resolver

View Code on Github

Custom Illiad

Screenshot of Customized Illiad

We've heavily customized not just the look, but also the interactions, for OCLC's ILL client.

View Code on Github

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