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GVSU Library Labs

Software projects by the GVSU Systems & Technology Folks

What on earth is Library Labs?

We write a lot of software to help make research better for the students at Grand Valley State University. Here it is! I hope it's useful for your library, too. Have fun!

Goodies for you

Here are some of the projects we've released.

Custom Summon Search Generator

A simple tool for generating scoped search forms in plain ol' HTML for Serial Solutions' Summon discovery platform. (We know that Serials Solutions has one, but it only works if you can include Javascript on your page. If you can't, then this tool is for you!)

Summon Statistics

Serials Solutions Summon doesn't give you stats on how users click on results, which is more useful than what they search for. This script adds that feature.

OPAC versus Summon

Do a keyword search in Summon and Millennium's OPAC at the same time. Which is better? Only you can deicde!

Unbork Innovative Interfaces' OPAC

Patches the mysterious disappearing 'Request' button in III's horrible, horrible, awful OPAC: WebPAC Pro.

360Link Reset

A jQuery script to radically improve Serials Solutions 360Link link resolver.


Use EZProxy to log into home-grown systems if you don't have access to your University's CAS or LDAP system. Boom! You'll show them!

GVSU Library User Interface Pattern Library

A live collection of all of the user interface patterns we use to quickly build and launch websites. You can see it live at

Today's Hours

A simple script to display the current day's hours on any webpage. No database required!

Illiad - our radically customized site

Does your ILL department use Illiad? I'm sorry, so does ours. But we bent Illiad into (better) shape by redesigning not only the pages but the user workflow. Someday we'll tell you more about how we did it, but for now, have a look at the code.

Ares - our radically customized site

If you insist on using Atlas Systems' Ares Course Reserve software, do yourself a favor and have a look at how we redesigned the student and instructor workflows. Your users will thank you!


A script to add HTML5 video and audio elements to CONTENTdm when your content is hosted on another server.

This is just a sampling of the stuff we build. If you want to see the whole firehose, visit our Github repository page. Thanks for looking!